Update – Monday 12/6/04

Today I’ll be on Mix 102.7 here in NYC doing a radio interview with Ricky and RuPaul.

12pm – I go live on “Good Day Live”, its the first day, so check it out!


Author: TJ Allard

Emmy award winning on camera host and TV producer I make stuff. For more updates follow me on twitter @tjallard www.tjallard.com

2 thoughts on “Update – Monday 12/6/04”

  1. Come on, give us an update. Tell us what’s going on. I’ve recorded this week’s GDL and haven’t seen you except for Monday’s show in NJ. Where are you? My thought is they’ve sent you to LA for a little paper work, seeing as you’re now employed by them and probably have some employment stuff to do. Or maybe not, maybe they’ve got you deep undercover doing some investigative reporting…. hmmm…..


  2. TJ,Long time no talk. Good luck on GDL. I had quite a few people down here in Cincy calling for you. My jaw almost hit the ground when I saw you interviewing Bill Murray the other day. Anyways, I’ll talk to you.Jason


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