Texas update and an Improv show tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Here’s a low quality picture of me in Texas, I was there for “Good Day Live” surprising the winner of the Correspondent for the day contest. The winner was a very excited Cheryl Jackson. She’ll be on “Good Day Live” Friday Feb. 25th to introduce a segment. More pictures will be coming soon.

Other news.

I’ll be performing with my improv group called “Ugly Stick” Friday night (Feb. 25th)
It’s at the “Under St. Mark’s Theatre” (On St. Mark’s between 1st and
Ave. A). The show starts @ 10:30.

Cost is $5, thats a lot of funny, for $5.

There will also be a camera crew from my favorite band “The Offspring” they will be shooting footage for their upcoming DVD. They’ll be interviewing Guy Cohen, who is in my group.

You might remember Guy as the “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in the Offspring videos.


Good Day Live (T.J. in Texas)

Thats right, I’ll be on “Good Day Live” tomorrow (Wednesday) in Texas. Its a secret, so I can’t tell you much more. Just watch my Texas adventure….now I’m off to find a cowboy hat!


New York Times

If you get a chance, check out the Sunday New York Times from February 20th.(yesterday) The front page of the Sunday Styles Section. There is a great picture from the interview I did on “Good Day Live” at Gleason’s gym. The picture is of Hector Roca, (Hilary Swank’s Trainer), and Maureen Shea (Hilary’s sparring partner), and me.

I’ll post the picture as soon as I can.

Down in SOHO sittin on my bike.

This was taken when I was working on a spec spot for TREK bikes. Good thing I had a TREK.

Its basically a commercial that won’t air. I was interviewed and followed around for a day. Its used to say “Hey TREK check out the cool things I can do”

Paris Hilton, and the “Hitch” interviews.

Hey all,

This has been a very busy week for me on “Good Day Live”. Be sure to watch tomorrow (Thursday)so you can check out my interviews from the world premiere of “Hitch”.

On top of that you can see what I’m up to tonight (Wednesday). I’m heading to the Paris Hilton Fragrance launch party, and should have some great interviews from it.

Once again my clothes are provided by Industry. http://www.industryclothing.com (We crashed ths site last time, so please be patient.)

All on tomorrow, so tune in.

Spread the word!

In other news, I got a rough cut of the TREK Bicycles spec commercial, it looks sweet! Hopefully I’ll get a website soon so that I can host stuff there. Who would of thought riding a bike in NYC would lead to so many things.