Go see D.E.B.S. on Friday March 25th!

The reason I’m telling you this is because my friend Jill Ritchie is starring in it!

Her picture is the first one on the left. Go see the movie, have a good time, laugh, eat popcorn and tell your friends to go too!

Check this site for local listings.



Ugly pic of the “Ugly Stick”

Here is a picture of my improv group “Ugly Stick” during our intro at Variety Underground on St. Patty’s day.
You can see me looking down on the floor in the corner, but hey its a great shot of the rest of my group! It’s all about teamwork.
More to come….

Improv show tonight!

Variety Underground Mar 17th
Thursday 7-9pm…

Shayna Ferm – Singer/songwriter

Catie Lazarus – Stand up comedy

Ugly Stick – longform improv comedy troupe featuring TJ Allard, Guy Cohen, Devlyn Corrigan, Betsy Hoffman, Nitra Gutierrez, Jeffrey Marx, Cody Melton

Carl Arnheiter – teen poet

Stomping Ground – Long form improv comedy featuring Tony Carnevale, Dave Thunder, Becky Yamamoto, Sean Taylor, and Jeff Scherer

Aziz Ansari – Stand up comedy

@the Parkside Lounge
317 E. Houston St.
F/V to 2nd Avenue
Free admission – 2 drink minimum

Whatever has a beginning, has an end. “The Oracle”

Hey all!

For those who don’t know “Good Day Live” has been cancelled.

Despite a more than 20% increase in ratings since I joined the show in January,(according to mediaweek) the last show will be March 18th. Not that I had anything to do with the ratings increase, but hey…ya never know.

You can check out my latest reel from “Good Day Live” here:


The picture is a production still from the movie “Cleaner” that I’m working on.

My character is hired to clean up after the deceased. He falls in love with a dead girl while cleaning up after her suicide.

Dexter from “The Offspring”

The low quality picture you see here is the lead singer of my all time favorite band. The one and only Dexter from “The Offspring”!

I got to hang out with him yesterday during an interview for his latest CD/DVD. He was interviewing my friend Guy Cohen, who toured with the band a few years back.

I really need a digital camera.