Utica, here I come!

Thats right, looks like I’ll be heading back to my hometown of Utica NY to shoot a movie!

Monday thru Friday I’ll be working on a project for the “United Way” down in South Carolina.

Friday its off to Utica for a 4 day film shoot, with a great new filmmaker named Greg Kershaw.

Stay tuned for details.

That picture is me in Texas from “Good Day Live”


Author: TJ Allard

Emmy award winning on camera host and TV producer I make stuff. For more updates follow me on twitter @tjallard www.tjallard.com

6 thoughts on “Utica, here I come!”

  1. Wow…from Utica, NY, eh? I’m from the Syracuse area originally….ever hear of Pompey, NY? Love the Trek bike ad; it sounded very familiar, like what I said about bicycling in NYC in the first edition of my website bio (which I just updated). Sharongeocities.com/cherrynyc


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