Back in NYC!

After spending a week in Greenville, South Carolina, I realized how much I really missed the city. It was a great little town, very clean, very quiet, and seems to be a great place to grow up. I met some really cool people, and had a blast. Long days of shooting, and night of drinking.

Check out this website, Keller is the name of the guy who makes these cards, these things are funny as hell, so check them out.

Spring is here in NYC, and I’m out bike riding like crazy! Stay tuned….more to come soon.

Author: TJ Allard

Emmy award winning on camera host and TV producer I make stuff. For more updates follow me on twitter @tjallard

4 thoughts on “Back in NYC!”

  1. Hi from SC! Enjoyed meeting you at the United Way shoot – hope that “thugs in the alley” scene went well! I decided to check out the website – looks cool. Let us know how the audition Friday went…


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