Ugly Stick and Rogue Elephant team up

Friday 9/30
10:30 PM

Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Place (b/t 1st Ave & Ave A)
Admission is $6

Rogue Elephant (improv group) has been hosting a show at the Under St. Marks theater with Reuben Williams (UCB house team) for the last year. We’ve been lucky enough to perform as the opening act three times and now we have been asked to take the number two spot. Reuben Williams is moving on to something bigger that hasn’t been released to the press yet so I can’t give you any further details. This means we’ll be performing on a regular basis at least once a month! This is a wonderful opportunity for us to allow so many more people to come see us.

The passing of the torch will be on Friday, September 30th, at 10:30 p.m. at the Under St. Marks Theater. We’ll take the third spot in this show for an unprecedented fourth time. Following this show we will head out to Grassroots Tavern to celebrate. The next Friday, October 7th, at 10:30 p.m. we will have out first show hosting the show with Rogue Elephant.

This show will always be on a Friday night and hopefully will be twice a month. There will always be free SoCo shots handed out before the show starts.

The shows will be at:

Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Place (b/t 1st Ave & Ave A)
Admission is $6

Thanks to everyone for your support and we’ll see you under St. Marks!

The Muslim Day Parade.

Here is something you don’t see everyday. The Muslim Day Parade was happening here in NYC, and I went and took some pictures. Here are 2 Muslim ladies enjoying the festival. Good food, and a lot of people were hanging out. It was a bit stressful and there was a rather large police force on hand. Thankfully everything went off without any problems. Only in NYC can you see so many different races hanging out in one location that just happens to be 4 blocks from my place.

Today I am a Bike Messenger

So today I had an audition as a bike messenger. I had to ride my bike to the audition, lock it up, walk up 11 flights of stairs to deliver the line “He’s alright”. Then walk back down the stairs, because the elevator was broken, get my bike and walk back up to the 6th floor to take more pictures with me balancing on the bike.

It was a very strange audition, but who knows, it would be nice to get the commercial!

My first hipblog

Here it is, mobile blogging! It is so hot and humid again here in nyc,
that I am too lazy to go to my computer and write this post. So I’m
typing this on my brand new tmobile sidekick. It has to be on of the
greatest inventions ever!

I can take pictures, im, txt, email, surf the web, and talk on the phone
with one cool device! More to come.

September heat wave in NYC.

Alright so this has been a great week so far in NYC. I have had auditions for ESPN, as well as a feature film. No news on the “Sopranos” gig yet, so I bet that means I didn’t get it. Ah well, that is the life of an actor in NYC. I was in Vegas last week, and the picture here is from the Bellagio Hotel where I stayed. I didn’t gamble all that much, but I still had a great time.

More updates to come.