Happy day after Turkey Day.

You can call it black friday if you want. The holidays are officially
here! Remember to call your family! Something I already forgot to do.
T.J. Allard


One of those days.

Its a typical cold and rainy November day here in NYC. I’ve been walking
around in the rain, watchin all the people that forgot umbrellas. Its
amazing to me that no one ever looks outside before they go.

Wouldn’t you bring an umbrella with you? Gotta love NY’ers.

The holiday season is officially here a few days early. Many stores have
the pre-holiday sales, and now is the time to buy, things are really
cheap right now. I just bought 2 Christmas gifts already.

Tonight I’m seeing some friends perform in a show, then its home to get
ready for a busy day tomorrow! More to come….
T.J. Allard

Seasons Change

I can’t figure out the weather here in New York. It was in the 60’s on Tuesday, and now its in the 20’s today. No wonder everyone I know has a cold or the flu. I am not leaving my apartment unless I have something important to do, it is too cold out there. Plus I might end up getting sick, and I hate being sick more than anything else. (I’m sure I can find some other things that I hate more than being sick, but you get the picture.)

This weekend I’m off to Jersey to work on a commercial all day Saturday. Its an 8am call time, ugh! Although I do like getting up before most of NYC, there is something refreshing about walking the streets to get coffee when there is no one else around. i love it here!


That’s right, the life of an actor in NYC is a random one sometimes.
Today, I’ll be auditioning for a commercial starring me and monkeys!

Now I might not really have the best relationship with animals, but I
love monkeys!

After that, its off to enjoy the weather here in the city. Its over 60
degrees here and its November, that is not normal, but I’ll take it.
T.J. Allard