Unlimited Free Cellphone minutes using Google Voice. woohoo! http://bit.ly/39qGEc

Seriously?! Using Google voice to forward calls to yourself by adding your existing number to your “calling circle” or your “friends and family” plan. Brilliant!

How long will it be before this loophole is closed? I would imagine that the cell phone providers will add something to their TOS (Terms of Service) to make this a violation, and give them a reason to cancel your plan.

Until then check this out, and enjoy.

Make Unlimited Free Calling on Your Cellphone with Google Voice – Google Voice – Lifehacker

Holding out on the Wi-Fi?

From Businessweek

It looks like a simple software upgrade to some phones, TV’s, computers, etc. will make them all Wi-Fi! Does that mean that companies have been holding out on us by forcing us to buy separate Wi-Fi cards when all this time it was a software fix?! What the EFF?

Wi-Fi Is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier – BusinessWeek