Thanks to “The Action Room” for having me on last night.

Kicked some ass, but forgot to take names (I ALWAYS forget) with Mike, Tony, and “Geek Goddess” Jenny on “The Action Room” last night.

You can check out the show at

Talked about geek-ness, video games, and that there’s a freaking new world record on the arcade classic Donkey Kong.  Not that anyone really cares all that much but the 35 year old who now owns the record is a plastic surgeon in New York City!


SONY unveils the PS3 motion controller…here we go!

Gaming has just taken a quantum leap into…THE FUTURE! (I’m saying that like Doc from Back to the Future) Sony releases a motion controller for the PS3 called the “Move” and claims that no controller has ever been this responsive. So what is it?
 Its a bluetooth controller that looks more like a Wii remote than the future of gaming. What does it do? Well…if you use it with the Playstation Eye it will allow you to interact with games in a much different way…in the magical 3D-ness.
Kotaku has a good read and pictures…I love picture!