Guest on CNET Digital City Podcast

This week I was a guest on the Digital City podcast over at CNET. Thanks to Dan Ackerman, Julie Rivera, Joseph Kaminski, and Scott Stein for having me on, I had a great time.

From CNET:
Digital City 122: Apple store shootout, the best TV shows on Netflix

This week: a brazen robbery at a San Diego area Apple store leads to a shootout, and we tune into the shocking TV news footage of the police chase. Joey joins the iPad revolution and explains how he spent $100 on iPad apps in one weekend, and the team picks the best streaming TV shows on Netflix.

Kudo Tsunoda talks about Kinect, Factoid, and a little bit o me.

Great piece with Kudo Tsunoda talking about the Kinect. I make a few brief talking head appearances throughout the clip. Kudo is a great guy, and a total rock star! I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of him in the years to come. Love the beard man!

Random Factoid.
Guinness World Records has named Kinect the fastest-selling consumer-electronics product based on its first 60 days, when sales averaged 133,333 units a day, Microsoft said. (Source: Bloomberg)