Gmail People Widget

I’ve been waiting for Gmail to integrate this for such a long time! Even though I haven’t been able to enable it yet from what I can tell the Gmail people widget basically aggregates the latest relevant information from your contacts so you can easily find it.

Thing is, this has been around in some form or another for a long time but only as a 3rd party plug in. Xobni, Rapportive, Gist, etc. Finally Google has stepped up to make all your contact info more accessible and useful. Now if the de-duper would only get smarter and de-dupe fuzzy contact info it would be 1 step closer to a perfect contact manager.

Read all about it here:
Introducing the people widget – Official Gmail Blog

Angry Birds in Google Chrome

For all 6 people out there who haven’t played Angry Birds yet, no more excuses. Just fire up your Google Chrome browser and click the link. It launches the game inside a new tab, so you can sneak a few pig smashing levels in while at work.
Check it out here: Angry Birds

Does ADHD mean a bigger brain?

For so many years we’ve called it everything from hyperactivity to ADHD. Now it looks like it could actually be “too much brain”! Ryota Kanai and his colleagues at University College London gave a quiz and compared the results of people who are “easily distracted” to those that are “hard to distract.”

“…The most obvious difference between those who had the highest questionnaire scores – the most easily distracted – and those with low scores was the volume of grey matter in a region of the brain known as the left superior parietal lobe (SPL). Specifically, the easily distracted tended to have more grey matter here.”

They also discuss ways to overcome distractions but since they didn’t mention the ultimate buzz word of Gamification I stopped reading and started looking at my cat.

Read the story here:
Easily distracted people may have too much brain – health – 06 May 2011 – New Scientist