True Gamer of the Week: TJ Allard |

Thanks to @GamerFitNation and Black Bible for the great write up about me! You can check it out here: True Gamer of the Week: TJ Allard |

What do think about my cemetery workouts?

Change again.

I’ll be moving toward more of a website format showcasing my videos, projects, etc. in the coming weeks. 

My daily ramblings will continue on:
Twitter – @tjallard
Google+ – +tjallard
Long form posts, stories, and podcasts updates will still appear here but I’ll be doing most of my “stuff” over at a blog I’m starting with a few other people called Eurekamatic. (The idea machine) 
Go…check it out…now! (if you want)

Choices and New York City Street Cameras

I’ve been testing out a lot of “stuff” these days. Mainly playing around with different forms of online publishing. I always come up with the same questions that I never really answer.
– Switch to WordPress?
– Do I NEED another social network?
– What is the best video site for me to host my videos on?
– Should I just post everything here instead of on the social networks?

I don’t have any answers right now, I just know that I have WAY too many options. If you have any suggestions at all please let me know in the comments below.

In totally unrelated news…I was amazed to find out just how many live traffic cameras there are in NYC. Go here: click on “closed circuit television cameras” pick one, and watch.

You can watch my little 15 second video about it below.

Evolution of Google Design

If you’re anything like me you have something Google related open on your PC at all times. Whether its Google Chrome, Gmail, Gcal, or even Google Maps. Design is really important and the slightest change makes a HUGE difference, especially if its something you use day in and day out.

Google has recently made a few design changes creating an even more minimal style, which I love! What do you think? Are the changes too much?

Take a look at their blog for more details.

Official Google Blog: Evolving the Google design and experience

Still need a Google+ invite…c’mon people!