Pictures of Abandoned Bikes In New York City

Over the last 8 years I’ve been taking pictures around New York City of what I call “abandoned bikes”. I purposefully took all the pictures with the cell phone I owned at the time because I wanted to see how the pictures got better over the years. Not only did the image quality get better but once Geo Location data started being added to the files it made it really easy to see the exact place of the pictures.

Unfortunately some of the metadata was lost in the older pictures so I’ve had to use my best guess in order to place them in the right year/month. Usually I took 3 pictures of each bike that I found, sometimes if I couldn’t get a good shot I took a few more, just to be safe. I’m starting with some pictures from 2011, and I’ll be updating on a regular basis. I literally have hundreds of pictures that I’ve taken over the years so its gonna be a while until they’re all up.

The album is called Abandoned Bikes in New York City (opens in new window). I’m going to start posting them there, until I come up with a better solution. If you have any suggestions of how I can manage this project better I would love to hear it.

Hope you like them.

Pictures of Abandoned Bikes In New York City - 2011 (opens in new window)