Why you shouldn’t be happy about the no cable plans by HBOgo and CBS.

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I should be a fortune teller, this is what I keep preaching about! Next step the cable/internet providers will start blocking services like netflix, hbogo, etc. Unless they get a fee per channel too.

TV will be ala cart & most likely end up costing more because no cable provider would let you use their pipelines for free. Like MA BELL and the leasing of phone lines way back when.

Next step, the cable providers will start blocking access to websites…unless you pay extra. Sprint has already started

$12 A Month For Facebook – Sprint Tramples Over Net Neutrality With New Prepaid Plan

Oh… And don’t forget what AT&T just did with their “fast internet” plan. Basically pay extra to get fast speeds on all sites like your service works now, or pay less and pick the websites that you want to get traffic priority. (Not like configuring your router to give you priority traffic.)



This is why I keep preaching (in annoying way at times)

He who controls the pipeline controls the world.