New Developments

Thats right, its time!

Ever think your life should be a reality show? Well…I want to hear about it. Maybe its your friend, a family member, or maybe that person/place/thing down the street is so “interesting” that they/it/whatever should have a reality show.

“Interesting” can mean anything at all; job, lifestyle, hobby, location, or something that I haven’t listed or can’t think of.

“…There are a few, uh, provisos, a, a couple of quid pro quos…” Example of what is NOT “interesting” and NOT what I’m looking for.

– “My life is crazy! I go out with my friends all the time, we party, get wasted, we’re really good looking, and we have so many Facebook friends that we should totally have our own show”

Currently I’m developing a number of different “interesting” ideas and maybe yours could be next.

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