Mailstrom saves my brain from 66,573 Gmail messages

24,504 conversations since 2006. Does this mean I’m a digital hoarder? Is this what Gmail envisioned when they told us “don’t delete messages, archive them!”. My brain has been swimming in thousands of emails for almost 10 years, and with ADD like mine….well you get the…

I signed up for this service called Mailstrom, not mailstORm, mailstROm, and I love it! It makes cleaning out all the old stuff really easy. (Of course since I’m a digital hoarder I’m still backing up my Gmail account using Thunderbird.)

From their website:

What is Mailstrom?
Mailstrom is a web-based email client that allows you to take bulk actions on your inboxes. Connect us to your email (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, etc) and then Delete, Archive and Move messages by the hundreds or thousands. Keep your inbox clean with features like Unsubscribe, automatic rules, and daily or weekly email reports.

If you’re buried in Gmail, this might be the service for you. (not .com its .co)


Evolution of Google Design

If you’re anything like me you have something Google related open on your PC at all times. Whether its Google Chrome, Gmail, Gcal, or even Google Maps. Design is really important and the slightest change makes a HUGE difference, especially if its something you use day in and day out.

Google has recently made a few design changes creating an even more minimal style, which I love! What do you think? Are the changes too much?

Take a look at their blog for more details.

Official Google Blog: Evolving the Google design and experience

Still need a Google+ invite…c’mon people!

Gmail People Widget

I’ve been waiting for Gmail to integrate this for such a long time! Even though I haven’t been able to enable it yet from what I can tell the Gmail people widget basically aggregates the latest relevant information from your contacts so you can easily find it.

Thing is, this has been around in some form or another for a long time but only as a 3rd party plug in. Xobni, Rapportive, Gist, etc. Finally Google has stepped up to make all your contact info more accessible and useful. Now if the de-duper would only get smarter and de-dupe fuzzy contact info it would be 1 step closer to a perfect contact manager.

Read all about it here:
Introducing the people widget – Official Gmail Blog

What is all the Google “Buzz” about?

Google announced Google Buzz today which looks like an incredible new way to read, respond to, and filter through all the waves of “stuff” that we get each and every day. This includes photos from Picasa and Flickr, videos from places like YouTube, and all those friend feeds, twitter streams, Facebook updates, etc.

The idea is that since so many people use gmail as their nerve center for their daily information flow Google Buzz will integrate all that info right into gmail. That way it will be in a familiar format that you can go through. You will be able to use your gmail shortcut keys which will make it super fast to go through everything, I love this!

Google Buzz will be rolled out today and all of us should have it “very soon”.

I’m really looking forward to being able to manage all my info in one location. Right out of the box it will integrate with PubSubHub, meaning you can post from gmail to it. Posting to other places was also mentioned as a feature in development.

Check out the official Google Buzz Page

Are you ready for some social media updates in your Gmail? FINALLY!

I use the magical Google for everything I do. Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, Blogger, the list goes on and on. Well it looks like tomorrow (2/9/2010) Google *might* be unveiling some new features in Gmail that will add some integration with social media sites. As of now the details over at Mashable via The Wall Street Journal are a little vague, but it got my attention! I’m really hoping the magical Google has come up with some kind of game-changing features that will make life much easier when updating all your “stuff”
Take a look at the story on Mashable from the link below.

HUGE: Google Set to Make Gmail Social With Status Update Features

Improvements to Gmail contacts

Another step in the “ultimate” sync process, woohoo! Gmail added fields to their contact manager. I guess I don’t have to add birthdays and other random data to the notes field and mess up my contacts even more.

This will make things a lot cleaner and help with cleaning out your address book. My address book has SERIOUSLY been a mess since 1999 and I’m not kidding. Its getting better though, and now if the big G would just create a better duplicate remover, allow 2 way sync with every other email site, social network, desktop email program aaaaaaaaand make it all sync nicely to my Blackberry storm, the universe would be a much better place.

OR…maybe I should find a company that just specializes in data management and organization…any suggestions?

Official gmail blog post.